Metavice (SERVE) Updates (Nov. 21, 2021)

Metavice (SERVE)
2 min readNov 22, 2021

Dear community,

We are pleased to release updates covering the following subjects:

  • Community Growth
  • Market Adoption
  • dSVs Initiatives

Community Growth

We’ve seen huge growth in our community in the past few weeks. This has ensured our connections with the community around the project and also enables delivering the latest news on time. We have also built our marketing teams. In the coming weeks, we’ll be focusing on building the China community which will be carried on by one of our core team members. We always place marketing as one of the top priorities. If you have any ideas and would like to join us, drop us a line:, or contact us via the social channels:

Market Adoption

In addition to growing the community, we’ve planned out the market adoption. One of such efforts is to get SERVE to be listed on Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko, which is our focus at the moment. We’ll keep you posted.

dSVs Initiatives

Decentralized Services (dSVs) is one of the core developments in the SERVE network, which enables people to earn passive incomes. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve gathered and invested some of the funds into the crypto projects, and now we lay out a plan of getting the earnings be distributed over supporters. The current settings include placing investments in Polkadot and Cardano ecosystems. It’s still at an early stage to reveal details, so stay tuned:

  • $10,000 funds available for Polkadot ecosystem projects
  • $5,000 funds available Cardano ecosystem projects

Thank you for your great supports and patience.

Best regards,


SERVE contract address:





Swap, farming, and staking are currently available on ServeSwap. Liquidity pairs include BNB, USDC, ADA, DOT, MASK, TORN, iDNA, and Mole.




Metavice (SERVE) is a service chain for Metaverse, dedicated to developing decentralized services and generating universal basic income (UBI) for everyday people through developing decentralized financial platforms and services, without the need for interference by intermediaries. SERVE set its goal across multiple chains and in an ecosystem of passive income aggregators, to become a DeFi platform (ServeSwap), a decentralized service provider (ServeDAO), and a multi-chain ecosystem.



Metavice (SERVE)

Metavice (SERVE) is a multi-chain service network for Metaverse, dedicated to developing decentralized services and generating universal basic income (UBI).